The Left Needs to Stop Fighting the Last War

“Did IQs Suddenly Drop?”

The answer to that is a hard no. Much like the idea that the world is getting worse, the most reasonable answer is almost always, “no, you’re just getting to know it better.” But still, this trend that I’ve seen has me rather worried, especially because of the rather volatile times we live in. In the face of instability and fallout, I find people on the far left of the political spectrum are busy fighting the last war.

Makes Sense

To be fair, I get why people on the left end of the political spectrum are still fighting this war. Though I’m not an American, I am emotionally invested in what goes on down there. Like most Canadians, I have family in the U.S. (including my sister and in-laws), and so many of my friends and colleagues today live in the U.S. And I would remind people that as your neighbor (and largest trading partner), whatever happens in the U.S. affects people and the politics up here.

  1. How do you wage war on ideology? How can you stop the spread of ideology with guns, bombs, and missiles?
  2. How is this any different than Bush’s appeals for unity in the “war on terror”? Are we not fighting the same war, only with new labels now?
  3. Why aren’t the roots of this problem being addressed? Like poverty and underdevelopment, or how the U.S. has invaded, bombed, embargoed, or intervened in the domestic politics of 14 Islamic nations since 1980?
  4. Does the fact that we’ve all experienced terrorist attacks since 9/11 prove that we need to stand with you? Or is the fact that we’re standing with you the reason we’ve all experienced terrorists attacks?
  5. How much longer is this war going to be? Do you even know if it can be won, or how?


Like I said, when it comes to foreign policy and security, Democrats and Republicans have become virtually indistinguishable. But the reality is, the Obama administration inherited the policies of the Bush admin, and short of withdrawing on all fronts and officially terminating the “war on terror,” they were forced to come up with solutions.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

By 2016, Trump entered the political scene amid a wave of bigotry, xenophobia, stupidity, and laughable, terrible showmanship. This was the age of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” or TDS! This was yet another term that Team Trump stole in their mission to dominate the airwaves with cheap theatrics and talking points.

Ideological Blinkers

I think Neal Stephenson said it best in The Diamond Age, where a character describes what it means to be an intelligent person:



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Matt Williams

Matt Williams

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